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‘Remember when…’ memory quilts & cushions

Capture your favorite memories in one place and keep them for years to come

Whether you are looking for a memory quilt or cushion I am here to help bring all those special memories together by creating something truly unique… made just for you or that special loved one.
Please read through the details on this page, which provides you with all the information you need to help you place your commission order.

Maddie, 'Remember when...' memory quilt
Maddie, 'Remember when...' memory quilt
Ayla, 'Remember when...' memory quilt


Remember when you brought your new-born baby home from the hospital in that tiny sleepsuit? Remember when your granddad would always wear those checked shirts in different colours? Remember when you would follow your favorite band, go to all the gigs and buy all the t-shirts? Why leave those precious memories in a bag in the loft? Turn those clothes into a cherished memory quilt that you can use, look at, and recall those special times for many years to come.

Our memories are more than what we can remember, they are those familiar smells, sounds, tastes, what we can touch, and what we see. With two young babies myself we are soon filling our loft with bags of memories!


Don’t let memories of your favourite moments or loved ones fade away. As with the memory quilts, ‘Remember when…’ memory cushions are a great way to use those clothes that provide you with your deepest memories and have a special memento of that moment. Made using just a few items these cushions are a great alternative if you are looking for a smaller gift or keepsake. These will be backed with flannel, or why not choose to have a double-sided patchwork cushion! All designs have an envelope opening at the back. Choose your preferred design, finish, and backing.

'Remember when...' memory cushion commission
'Remember when...' memory cushion commission

Add that extra personal touch

Add some extra uniqueness to your commission and maybe, for baby items, you can get some fabric paint and print their little hands or feet onto a piece of fabric. Also, for budding artists use fabric paint to create some unique art pieces that can be integrated into your quilt, cushion, or gift.

How does it work?

For quilts

Select the quilt size you require from the Quilt sizes table below. If you would like a different sized quilt than those listed please contact me.

For cushions

Select the style of the cushion you would like and check the Cushion sizes table below for the number of suggested clothes items you will need.
There are three designs to choose from. Please select one:

  1. A 3×3 grid one-sided with a small border using the same fabric as the backing. If there is enough fabric I can use an item of clothing for the border instead of the backing. You will be asked for your preference after I have reviewed the clothes.
  2. A 4×4 grid one-sided of edge-to-edge patchwork. 
  3. You can choose to have your cushion double-sided, i.e. your clothes on both sides of the cushion. I can use the backs of the items you send me to make both sides of the cushion patchwork. If you do not want the backs of the clothes used and would prefer each square to be different then please refer to the Cushion sizes table below to find out how many additional clothes items you will need to send me. 

The cushion is a generous 20”x20” and supplied with a microfiber filled cushion pad.

Choose the clothes that mean the most to you. Remember, I will be cutting these up, so if you are unsure if you want a particular item cut up then send me a replacement item. The number of clothes required in both sizing tables is based on clothing for a baby one-year-old and under. Less clothing is required if using larger sized clothes.

If you do not have the number of clothes suggested – don’t worry! I will still be able to help… I have made a quilt with five items before using the sleeves and legs as well, and I have made a cushion with one scarf! Just get in touch and we can talk through some options.

For quilts

The number of clothes listed in the Quilt sizes table is based on a 3″ mitred border. Please add more clothes if you would prefer edge-to-edge blocks on your quilt top (see the additional suggested amount in brackets).

Place your quilt order now.

Place your cushion order now.

Once completed I will send you a confirmation email where you can then select your border, backing, and finish choices (depending on your order). You will also be sent the postal address of where to send your chosen clothes.

View the information below, on this page, for the border, backing, and finish choices available.

Once you have chosen your clothing items send them to me, washed and free of stains and rips. Logos, embellishments, or details from your clothing items are great to include and will be used, where possible, within your end design.

When posting (as these are items you do not want to lose!) I would highly advise using a tracked courier service or Special Delivery. If you are in the local area a drop-off can be accepted by appointment only. Please contact me to book a date and time for this.

Once I receive your clothes I will email you to let you know and confirm a rough completion date. I will then get to work designing and making your quilt and/or cushion. I will piece together any logos, embellishments, or details from your clothing items to form the top of the quilt or the front of the cushion. Each design is unique due to the styles of the clothes and the different sizes of clothes given, resulting in either a grid design or a more mosaic look. 

I aim to complete the order within 6-8 weeks from when works begin. If you need your quilt and/or cushion for a specific date please contact me before placing your order.

For quilts

I use soft wadding made from natural materials in-between the quilt top and backing to give added warmth and comfort.

Once completed I will post your quilt and/or cushion to you, folded and tied with a ribbon ready for presenting to the recipient, or for unwrapping yourself.

Postage and package costs are included in the price of your order if the cost is over £50 (UK only) and I will use recorded delivery. If you are able to collect your order in person please contact me to book an appointment for this.

Border styles

Mitred border

A mitred border comprising of the same fabric as the backing. Quilt example shown is approx. 36”x42”


Edge-to-edge design on the quilt top with a backing of your choice. Quilt example shown is approx. 28”x40”.

Backing fabric

The backing fabric is cotton flannel, soft to the touch and with a selection to choose from you can pick the one you like, or leave it to me and I will choose the one that compliments your quilt the most. The designs available are shown.

Quilt finish

Your clothes make your quilt unique. Continue to make your quilt just for you by selecting the finish of the quilt. You can choose to have your quilt finished in one of two ways:

  1. Quilted across the top in a design to complement the quilt design
  2. Hand-tied knots across the top of the quilt, giving a more traditional look

Not sure which backing fabric or quilt finish to go for?

Don’t worry, these choices can all be confirmed after you have placed your order. Commissions take approx. 6-8 weeks for completion from the time work begins. 
If you need your quilt or cushion for a specific date please contact me before placing your order.

Place your order now…

After you have placed your order you will receive a confirmation email and the option for some extra design choices. Please return this email to me as soon as possible. I will begin work on your quilt or cushion commission upon receipt of your email.


The safety of the child should always come first. It is not recommended that a baby sleeps under a quilt, duvet, or uses a pillow before the age of one. If you are buying a quilt for a young baby this can be used as a play mat until they are old enough to use them. Please research safe sleeping for babies online.
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